Investment & Advisory Firm

A corporate finance firm providing a variety of transaction execution, capital raising and advisory services to domestic and international businesses

Armada offers significant experience and technical skills across a broad range of industries and has built a reputation for providing high-quality, independent and commercial advice to corporates across three overlapping disciplines:

Corporate Finance, including institutional investment banking advisory work, with a strong capital raising, initial public offering (IPO), reverse takeovers (RTO), mergers and acquisitions and deal structuring orientation;

Private Equity, including commercial due diligence, deal advice and screening for private investors, larger venture capitalists, management buyout funds and major corporations, plus occasional direct minority investments in our own right; and

Management Consulting, including strategy, performance improvement and organizational effectiveness work for large, mid-sized and small corporations, but with a strong bias towards commercialisation of new technology and governance for small to medium enterprises and start-ups.

We strive to work in close partnership with our clients and our extensive network of international and domestic investors, businesses, advisers and governments to deliver desired outcomes.


Armada understands and appreciates that each client is unique and so is our approach to delivering our clients their desired outcomes

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Transactional Experience

Armada connects innovative and disruptive businesses with the capital needed to grow and develop into the future

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info@amardacapital.com.au +61 8 9386 1516
ACN: 112 297 953 ABN 37112 297 953 AFSL: 289 898

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